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"Jason Marchi's lovely story and loving tribute to one of our favorite writers." - Greg Bear

"All Summer in a Day"

by Ray Bradbury

and the inspired sequel

"When the Rain Stops"

by Jason Marchi

Publication date October 1st 2020

for the 100th anniversary year of the birth of Ray Bradbury

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A best-seller:  The Legend of Hobbomock

Thirteen-time award winner: The Growing Sweater

May 2021 publication

Thirteen theme linked short stories set on a small island in New England.

You'll never think about an island in the same way.

Age 13+

October 2021 publication

Memorable stories not for the emotionally timid.

"Beautifully atmospheric... written for the reader to savor and enjoy." - William F. Nolan

Age 13+

A ReallyCoolStory--no matter what reading level it's written for--is that type of story that grabs you by the collar and shakes you. A story you never forget. A story that after you've read it you can't wait to tell others to read it too, and you start your recommendation by saying, "I just read this really cool story..."

The stories I read when I was teen--and also during my college years--that I thought were really cool, are what inspired me to become a writer. I'd say to myself, "I want to write stories like that!" I then began writing short stories and poems during my junior year in high school.

But it was not until my mother discovered a particular paperback book in a used bookstore that I fell in love with the idea of writing really cool stories to try and make a living. That book was The Golden Apples of the Sun by Ray Bradbury. I was 19 at the time and I'd never heard of Ray Bradbury.

I took the book to college with me (to the start of my freshman year at Northeastern University in Boston) and one quiet Sunday when I was homesick I started reading the short stories inside.

The first story had a surprise ending that blew me away; I never knew, before this, that a story could have such a cool, surprise ending. So many of the stories teachers forced me to read in class were BORING: their endings weak, their characters and their plights easily forgotten, and completely lacking in emotional resonance so I was left with no attachment to the stories, no "emotional memory," as I call it.

The second Bradbury story also had a really cool ending that left me breathless. And when I'd finished reading the third story in the book I suddenly had a fever and I fell instantly in love. Bradbury was like a great magician, conjuring the most amazing surprises in his stories.

I fell in love with what a really cool story can do to you, how it changes your life, even if just a little, and makes you forever able to see the world in a different, perhaps better way; stories that help you grow up to be a better person because your imagination is suddenly open to all the wonder and possibilities in life.

As a result, I've spent my life in search of other really cool stories by many different writers, and I also try to write them for readers to enjoy and say, "Wow, that was a really cool story!"

I hope that you will read the stories in some of my ReallyCoolStory volumes (below) and find them equally memorable and perhaps inspiring.

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ThreeStories Vol. 1

"Contrary Dreams"

"Calling Her Name"

"Final Frederick"

A Kindle Exclusive



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